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Cleofé Calderón - Brasil 1979, Amazonia #3

The sheer number of specimens agrostologist Cleofé Calderón collected for the Smithsonian, evidenced in this 1979 notebook, make it hard to believe that in just a few years, Calderón completely retired from botany. She remained in Washington after stepping away from the U.S. National Herbarium in 1985, but rarely returned to the Smithsonian, especially after her longtime professional partner Dr. Tom Soderstrom passed away in 1987. After breaking from the field, Calderón worked at a bibliographic service before retiring and returning to Argentina in 2005. Just two years later, she passed away. Your assistance in transcribing this project will ensure that Cleofé Calderón’s important work will not be forgotten. Calderón's handwriting can be a little difficult to read, so feel free to see how volunpeers have transcribed her work.


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Martin H. Moynihan - Diglossa (Flower piercers) (4 of 4)

Scientist or administrator, can you be both? Resident Naturalist Martin Moynihan's personal papers are filled with his field notes studying many Central and South American species. These notes here are the fourth set in his study of Diglossa, called flower piercers for the way they feed. By this point, Moynihan had served as the Resident Naturalist of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute for six years, at work transforming the research station into one recognized globally for its productivity. Join in with other volunteers and travel with Moynihan through four South American countries as you transcribe his research observations.


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Where in the World Is - Set 13

Come help us improve our digital records for the United States National Herbarium (US)! Please join us in our effort to transcribe the locality information for our difficult to decipher US Specimens. The records in this project are special cases in which the locality information requires some detective work. We'd like to ask for your help in digging a little deeper to find the Country and Territory/State/Province for each of these specimens sheets labels; see special instructions and examples here . Please contact Sylvia Orli, Department of Botany, for any questions or comments about the transcriptions. Note: Do not erase notes from other volunteers or staff; rather, leave existing comments and add your own.