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Arthur Stelfox - Diary of insects, etc., chiefly hymenoptera, 1936 - 1937

Today, declines in the populations of bees and other pollinators, important contributors to environmental heath and biodiversity, have given rise to renewed calls for study such as the United States' "Pollinator Research Action Plan." In Ireland, only 122 species of hymenoptera had been documented prior to 1924. That year, naturalist Arthur Wilson Stelfox reported another 53 new species, increasing the known species in Ireland by almost half. Stelfox's subsequent collection of specimens in the years that followed documented more still. Please join us in the transcription of his field diary of his collection trips in 1936 and 1937 which range from the northwestern coast of Ireland to Kilkea Castle in the southeastern countryside.


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Where in the World is (Set 7)

Come help us improve our digital records for the United States National Herbarium (US)! Please join us in our effort to transcribe the locality information for our difficult to decipher US Specimens. The records in this project are special cases in which the locality information requires some detective work. We'd like to ask for your help in digging a little deeper to find the Country and Territory/State/Province for each of these specimens sheets labels; see special instructions and examples here . Please contact Sylvia Orli, Department of Botany, for any questions or comments about the transcriptions. Note: Do not erase notes from other volunteers or staff; rather, leave existing comments and add your own.