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Vernon Bailey - Field notes, Montana and Idaho, June 23-September 8, 1911

How often do you have to visit a place before you begin to notice it changing? By 1911, the Bureau of Biological Survey had been working on a comprehensive survey of North America flora and fauna for over a decade. Chief naturalist Vernon Orlando Bailey's first survey of Montana had been in 1894, fifteen years earlier. Join our volunpeers and transcribe his lists of the plants and animals he collected and observed during this 1911 trip, starting at the very first leg of his journey!


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Smithsonian-Bredin Caribbean Expedition, 1956

How much could you accomplish in 40 days and 40 nights? In the second Caribbean expedition sponsored by philanthropist J. Bruce Bredin, Waldo L. Schmitt and four others covered 1,000 miles aboard a yacht named Freelance. This served as their floating laboratory as they took samples, collected specimens and made observations at twenty-eight islands and 15 moorings. They brought back over 50,000 specimens and samples along with species distribution data. Join us and other volunteers in transcribing the diaries, logs and visual records of this expedition.