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Black Expressive Culture Narrative Stage: The Scanner Boys; The Grand Masters of Funk 06/30/84

The 1984 Folklife Festival included a program of black American expressive culture from Philadelphia as part of an initiative to showcase the African Diaspora in America. Black America began its move to the city because of a desperate need for change; as rural southern communities remained too restricting an experience due to racism, economic, social, and political repressions, some people had to leave. In northern cities such as Philadelphia, vibrant black communities took root and thrived. As part of its narrative portion, the programming featured artists, musicians, rappers, and others explaining their craft as well as the cultural roots behind it. The culture of American cities, as presented a the 1984 Philadelphia program, echoed the fact that urban America is also black urban America, a powerful, rich, evolving source of cultural life and creativity. Please view the instructions for transcribing audio collections before beginning. For more information about the programs in these recordings, please look at the audio log sheets describing the content and speakers at each presentation.