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Jacques Seligmann & Co. records, General Correspondence: Parsons, Harold Woodbury, 1940-1954

Letters with art dealers and galleries from the General Correspondence subseries of the Jacques Seligmann & Co. records. This correspondent has other material in the Archives of American Art collections. Can you find more connections? The Jacques Seligmann & Co. records in the Archives of American Art are among the world's foremost resources for provenance research. The collection documents the business dealings of international art galleries which were active for nearly a century, and contains invaluable information for tracing the provenance of works of art which passed through the Jacques Seligmann & Company holdings.


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Yin-Hsü Trip, 1928-1929

Li Chi was a prominent Chinese archaeologist, trained in the United States and one of the first Chinese archaeologists to conduct and teach scientific archaeology in China. This collection contains the manuscripts of the reports Li Chi prepared for the Freer Gallery when he was a member of the archaeological expeditions in China sponsored by the Freer Gallery of Art and headed by Carl Whiting Bishop during the years 1926 to 1929.