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The Bumblebee Project - SET 91

Please join us to transcribe the labels of specimens to gain valuable data for understanding how the world around us has changed over time. Bumblebees are found in the Bombus genus (Hymenoptera: Apidae) and are very important pollinators. They are social insects that feed on nectar and collect pollen to feed their young. We have 905 bombus specimens and labels remaining to transcribe and review; this is one of 21 remaining historical sets from the United States Entomological Collection. Learn how to transcribe this project and get started now. You can find information and add pages to this spreadsheet if you cannot find the location in Geonames. The digitization of this project has been made possible with the generous support of Pixel Acuity, LLC. Please contact Jessica Bird, Department of Entomology, for any questions or comments about the transcriptions and thanks to all of you for your help.