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Ernst Herzfeld Papers, Notebooks

PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING. A series of four inventory books, in which Ernst Herzfeld recorded archaeological remains, prehistoric artifacts and antiquities collected or acquired in several cities throughout Mesopotamia and Persia in 1923 and 1924. Description of drawings and sketches is welcome. Please be sure to type [[Drawing]] in the text box when describing the drawings. And please refer to our advanced instructions for guidance on transcribing columned data and tables found in these notebooks. This project features materials in multiple languages and scripts. We are primarily seeking transcription, so if you have the ability to transcribe the non-English words, please do so by using the original language characters displayed in the document! However, transliteration and translation are also welcome. Please be sure to type [[Transliteration]] or [[Translation]] before writing out transliterations or translations and [[/Transliteration]] or [[/Translation]] at the end the transliteration or translation.