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Friedrich "Fritz" Rumpf Notebooks - Set 2

Friedrich Karl Georg Rumpf (1888-1949) German illustrator and ethnographer, and son of German artist Fritz Rumpf. The younger Fritz Rumpf was living in Japan at the outbreak of war and likely composed parts of at least one of the following notebooks while living as a prisoner of war. PLEASE NOTE: The notebooks will be a special challenge as they contain multiple notes in German and Japanese, and drawings in pencil, ink and wash made during his travels and research in Japan.


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Horses and Grooms Crossing a River

In this short handscroll, artist Zhao Mengfu depicts three grooms and fifteen horses in various postures crossing a river. By combining the colorful realism of the Tang dynasty (618-907) with the ink line drawing of the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127) literati tradition, Zhao Mengfu established a new direction for his fellow painters during the transitional years of the late thirteenth century. While the painting does not exhibit the superb skill and fluency of the artist's genuine works, it is probably a close copy of an original composition by Zhao and may have been executed by one of his more accomplished followers. Help make this beautiful handscroll more accessible for researchers around the world by transcribing the Chinese characters. Please note: Freer Sackler staff are ONLY asking for the transcription of the text this collection, so please transcribe using the corresponding Chinese characters (you will need a basic knowledge of Chinese and access to a Chinese language keyboard for this). You do not need to transcribe the red stamped seals. Translation and transliteration are also not needed, and staff have requested that images not be described. Please reach out with any questions.