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The Annamae Myers diaries record the activities of a farm family in Ohio, 1931-1967. There are daily entries about the weather and frequent mention of trips to the hairdresser and trips to the children's music and dancing lessons and to town for shopping, movies, or to pay bills. The diaries include frequent entries of amounts received for the sale of farm produce, and some financial data are entered at the end of each volume, but such entries are neither regular nor complete. They do however provide information on prices for agricultural products in a rural community. Major political and historic events are noted. There is infrequent reference to the emotions generated by family living and by the historic and political events of the twentieth century. Also includes a few diaries kept by Stephen Harriman, Mrs. Myers' maternal grandfather, with very brief daily entries of the weather, trips to town, visits made and visitors to the farm, and the start of farm operations, i.e., plowing, sowing.


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Paleobiology Marine Invertebrates Project (Set 3)

Please join us to transcribe the labels of Fossil Marine Invertebrates with Department of Paleobiology. Learn how to transcribe this project and get started. NOTE: Please do not delete notes left by other volunteers, as these are important for the Paleobiology and TC teams to improve the project workflow; instead, please add additional comments below existing comments, as necessary. Thank you!


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Rouzee Family Papers: Record of taxes on property, including enslaved persons, owned by Edward Rouzee, September 27, 1810

This collection of financial papers relate to the plantation operations of several generations of the Rouzee Family in Essex County, Virginia. The papers date from the 1790s through 1860.