Marella Mayberry McDavid, 1993 June 16, Side 1

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[[Background talking and noises throughout]]
Pearl Bowser: Okay.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: It's full maiden name, Marella Mayberry. M-a-r-e-l-l-a.

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Pearl Bowser: And, and that's your maiden name?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh--Marella and, my, the other part is Mayberry.

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Louise Spence: M-a-y

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: b-e-r-r-y

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Pearl Bowser: Uh-huh, and where are you from?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Phone number?
Pearl Bowser: Where are you from?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: From?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Canton, Mississippi
Pearl Bowser: Oh?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Canton, C-a-n-t-o-n
Louise Spence: Can you tell us a little bit about growing up in Canton?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Well, I grew up out in the rurals between three churches.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: That's about near as I can tell about back then. Uh, uh Pilgrim Rest on 43, that's not, that's on 43 HWY.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh-- Mary Grove, out near 43, off of 43 also, and

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Pine Grove was the other church. We had three churches that we could walk to.

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Louise Spence: Hmm, and when was that?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: That was back in the teens and twenties, early twenties.

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Pearl Bowser: Mm-Hmm and while your were living in that area, did you ever see movies come through either--?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh,no. We used to have a few church movies they'd bring 'em around to the churches.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: A few movies I remember. My brother used to go most, and when he'd come back, I mean he would, uh, he would get afraid. He would be talkin' in his sleep you know. [[Laughter]]

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I guess, I don't know what, what about it that made him afraid, but he was. He would be afraid after he'd go to the movie and come back.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: It never carried me until I got grown enough to go by myself.

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Louise Spence: Oh,your family were farmers?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yes.

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Louise Spence: Uh-huh.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: That's all we did just about back then. We, we didn't have anything.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: --[[anythin' in the area, excuse of farm work??]] park sawmills. They had sawmills. Out in them swamps.

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Pearl Bowser: Mhm.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We would call it-- Well, the wood area, we would call it swamp back then.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: And they would go down there an cut timber, and they would take it up to the little town,

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: as we called it, "Sawmill Quarters," and we still have those up there now; the Sawmill quarters.
Louise Spence: Mhm.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: but they don't make any lumber up there anymore. So, we called [[??]]

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: But we had a log train, is what we called it, that would go down in the woods.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: but the trucks would bring it out too the train, you know, where the train could get it?
Louise Spence: Mhm

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: And so they'd bring it into the sawmills.

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Louise Spence: And most of the people that went to your church were involved in farming and sawmills?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Oh, yes, yes, yes. All of those that didn't work at the sawmill, some years up.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: you know like, I said late 10s, 30s, back in the 40s they went to the sawmill back in the 30s and 40s, they worked in the sawmill.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: 'cause I lived south in the 40s. And Northern state for 30 years. Then he came back.

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Louise Spence: He came back. Before we talk about the North-- uh,

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Louise Spence: Can you tell me, uh, when they showed films--movies in your church

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Louise Spence: the religious movies, did someone come and talk about them with you? or was it just the film itself?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh, they would talk about it in the church, I would imagine.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: But they didn't come 'round--
Louise Spence: uh huh.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: --they would come and talk to us 'cause I guess we were too full in between, you know.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: so when they had anything they wanted to entertain us. We usually had to go to one of the churches in the neighborhood.

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Louise Spence: Right. Did they show the films on Sunday in the churches or another day?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Usually it was in [[?]] time.
Louise Spence: Oh.

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Louise Spence: During the -- yeah. And the minister talked?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: No. I never s[[?]] they talked. They had somebody that would bring the movie, you know, from the little town.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: You know, from Canton. Or from some other town.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: But they-- we didn't have one in the neighborhood. It was way, way, way later years before we got movie theaters wantin to take them [[??]] white.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: You know,
Louise Spence: #Uh huh. ]

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[[Noises and background talking throughout the tape]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: -- later before we could do that, or had those.
Pearl Bowser: Right, those were--

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Pearl Bowser: --Do you remember any of the movies that they were showing in the church? Were they-- you said your brother went?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I didn't go to too many movies back then. I remember going to the movies in the 30s,

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: but that was down in the little town.

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Pearl Bowser: Mm huh.
Louise Spence: Mm huh. Can you tell us what that was like?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I was lookin' on this movie here and I don't remember Blacks too much being in the movies; playin our parts.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I called it "market parts." You know, like playin' like a dog or somethin' like that. [[loud background noise]]

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I don't remember really being cast in those movies.

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Louise Spence: So--
Marella Mayberry McDavid: It might have been, but I don't remember seeing them.

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Louise Spence: Uh huh.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: All I remember seeing was white playing in them.
Louise Spence: Yeah.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I never remember a scene. No blacks either,

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: till. Well, when [[inaudible]] first came out, we didn't have too many blacks.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I'm from New York. Can y'all remember when TV first came out?
Louise Spence: Yeah, sure. [[Cross talk]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: You do?

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Louise Spence: 1950
Marella Mayberry McDavid: 1960s?
Louise Spence: 50! 1950. We didn't know that early.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: 1950?
Louise Spence: We couldn't afford to buy a television set.
Louise Spence: Well, sometimes they had them in bars then. Not too many families had them.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah. I think we had a TV in 1950. And in 1958 four; three or four of 'em.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I remember we had a TV. I was staying with my niece.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: They were younger. They had a TV.

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Louise Spence: You kept saying before that you went into the small town? Was that Canton, to see the movies?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah.
Louise Spence: Would you tell us a little more about that theatre?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh, it was a theatre owned, I guess, naturally all of um

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: were owned by white folks at that time. There wasn't no black owning no TV, I heard.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I heard somebody say a while ago that someone said that TV's-- that a lot of TV's was owned by black, and that was kinda news to me.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: But I think they was sayin' 'bout Blacks now; here.

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[[Loud talking and noises in background throughout tape]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: --here. They're owned by black-haired Jacks.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Cause in Canton, I don't really think, I don't know, I can't just tell what happened up there now.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: But back then we could call it a [[fool's gold mess?]], you know.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: We had a few people in the area who had their own homes and

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: their little money. But, they was-- I don't think they would've been allowed to try to get a theatre back then,

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: but anyways. I'm satisfied with today.

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Pearl Bowser: Mhm
Louise Spence: Mhm

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: cause it was [[inaudible]]. I think we only had one TV, uh, theater at that time.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I don't know what they have up there now cause I don't go up there enough to really know what's going on.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Whatever, the town had grown so much that I wouldn't be surprised if they probably have two or three theaters up there now.

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Louise Spence: Was is a nice theatre?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Um hm.
Louise Spence: Was it a very comfortable theatre?

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah, it was comfortable. It was comfortable. I think they have some place we could drink water as colored folks.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: You know, we had our own little fountain, if we had one.

00:08:12.000 --> 00:08:19.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And actually we wasn't allowed to drink out of the fountain where the whites drinked out of.

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Louise Spence: And you sat in a special area of the theater?

00:08:22.000 --> 00:08:27.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Oh yeah, yeah. You didn't sit where you wanted. You sit in the corner. You know.

00:08:27.000 --> 00:08:34.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I was one of the ones I remember that got on the bus, cuz I had just started [[inaudible]] I'm was talking about [[inaudible]].

00:08:34.000 --> 00:08:35.000
Pearl Bowser: That's alright.
Louise Spence: That's okay.

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Marella Mayberry McDavid: I got on the bus once and I had, I had been, that was quite a few years.

00:08:40.000 --> 00:08:50.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: So I knew about sitting on the bus, so I, whether to care about space back by the regulars as wide as that piano, for blacks to sit.

00:08:50.000 --> 00:08:58.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: There was quite a few blacks riding at that time. So I just went and stood up over the seat cuz I want cause no, emotion, you know.

00:08:58.000 --> 00:08:59.000
Louise Spence: Mmm.

00:08:59.000 --> 00:09:11.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: So they uh, the bus driver came, looked like he was really disgusted. He came and got the sign, and pulled it up over half way so that people could sit down. Which was really nice.

00:09:11.000 --> 00:09:12.000
Louise Spence: Mmm.

00:09:12.000 --> 00:09:18.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I said, well, after all I did do something good. You know, cuz they had just a little corner, about big as that pen.

00:09:18.000 --> 00:09:19.000
Louise Spence: Mhm.

00:09:19.000 --> 00:09:20.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: For the blacks to sit.

00:09:20.000 --> 00:09:28.000
[[Loud noises and talking in background throughout the tape]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: likes to sit and at, at that time blacks had increased 'cause people was working, going up places, living, you know.

00:09:28.000 --> 00:09:34.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: and they'd come home. Naturally, they want to get on the bus and sit, but

00:09:34.000 --> 00:09:44.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I didn't come down and try and to break up, you know, anything, or make anything different, so I just stood up over the seat.

00:09:44.000 --> 00:09:48.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And just came and got up and pulled way up over halfway

00:09:48.000 --> 00:09:52.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: so everybody could sit down. So I was thankful for that too, though, Yeah-- [[laughter]]

00:09:52.000 --> 00:09:56.000
Louise Spence: At the theatre in Canton, were there many seats set aside-- was it set aside for--

00:09:56.000 --> 00:09:59.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: No, no.
Louise Spence: How did you know where to sit?

00:09:59.000 --> 00:10:06.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh, you, you knew your little area, and if you didn't know it, it was somebody to quickly tell you, but

00:10:06.000 --> 00:10:09.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: the little area which you, where you had to sit

00:10:09.000 --> 00:10:15.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: if I can remem-. 'cause in my mind, it was, it was kinda hard, too.

00:10:15.000 --> 00:10:19.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But, you knew where to sit; where you couldn't sit, [[chair scraping]]
Louise Spence: Mhm.Yeah.

00:10:19.000 --> 00:10:23.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: as well as you did on the bus, or the train or wherever you got on at that time.

00:10:23.000 --> 00:10:26.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But, wasn't no planes back then.

00:10:26.000 --> 00:10:35.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But, uh-- the trains. We got on the trains you also had somewhere to sit.
Louise Spence: Mmm. Did you enter through the front door?

00:10:35.000 --> 00:10:40.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We went in-- No, we went in the back door.

00:10:40.000 --> 00:10:51.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We went in the back door. In, in the theatres we went in the same door. But, in the trains-- I'm thinkin' about a different door.

00:10:51.000 --> 00:10:56.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: until later, uh, you know it got--
Pearl Bowser: --desegregation.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah.

00:10:56.000 --> 00:11:09.000
Louise Spence: Mm.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yep.
Louise Spence: The, uhm-- When, uh-- What did you do for amusement back in the teens?

00:11:09.000 --> 00:11:16.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh, some few people had grassa phones [[gramophones]]. Have you ever heard that?
Louise Spence: Yes.

00:11:16.000 --> 00:11:25.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Well, I had one when I went North. And I was so sorry that it got destroyed because I woulda liked to have it to show it to my baby.

00:11:25.000 --> 00:11:36.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Now I have a little girl I'm raising. She's 15. So, I would have love to been able to play that for her, but it got destroyed when I left the south,

00:11:36.000 --> 00:11:40.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: 'cause see, that would have been so much of history for the younger--

00:11:40.000 --> 00:11:45.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: --'cause we don't have any to show them. We had, you know--

00:11:45.000 --> 00:11:55.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: if we had just made the music--
Pearl Bowser: --Mhm.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: --'cause we didn't have any-- we didn't have no talkin' as I can remember on there.

00:11:55.000 --> 00:11:58.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: m\Might have been some singin'
Pearl Bowser and Louise Spence: Mhm.

00:11:58.000 --> 00:12:08.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I know there wasn't any talkin' at that particular time. We had records and they did play, you know, music

00:12:08.000 --> 00:12:18.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: like, we had to-- I can't even remember. We had Mamie Smith. That was one of the live ones. [[Cross Talk]]
Pearl Bowser: Yes. There was Bessie Smith. Yes.

00:12:18.000 --> 00:12:22.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh huh. There was another Smith though. Wasn't there? I know it wasn't just the two.

00:12:22.000 --> 00:12:34.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I think there was another, I can't remember the name though.
Pearl Bowser: Did you ever see Black performers in the town at the movie house?

00:12:34.000 --> 00:12:40.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh, yes, uh. You mean back when, in the 30s, back then?
Louise Spence: In Canton? [[Cross Talk]]
Pearl Bowser: In the 30s, or even in Canton?

00:12:40.000 --> 00:12:48.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah, well I seen a few. It was a few. But most I can remember was white.

00:12:48.000 --> 00:12:54.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I didn't remember too many blacks until the later years, you know,

00:12:54.000 --> 00:13:05.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: in person. We had them on records, I think, before we had 'em ,you know, in person.

00:13:05.000 --> 00:13:09.000
Louise Spence: Do you remember the name of the theatre in Canton?

00:13:09.000 --> 00:13:12.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: The what?
Louise Spence: The theatre in Canton? Do you remember the name of it?

00:13:12.000 --> 00:13:18.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: No I don't. I sure can't. I can't remember the name.
Louise Spence: Doesn't make much difference if it was the only one in town, right?

00:13:18.000 --> 00:13:26.000
[[all laughing]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Right. Right. It was the only one there. They might have more than one there today, though I'm not too sure.

00:13:26.000 --> 00:13:31.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But I think they had 'bout maybe two or three down there.

00:13:31.000 --> 00:13:39.000
Louise Spence: And was it just films there, or did you have-- did you go there for other reasons? For meetings? or for special speakers? or--

00:13:39.000 --> 00:13:42.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh, you mean like to town?
Louise Spence: Yeah, to town. And to the theatre.

00:13:42.000 --> 00:13:47.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: No. Um. The biggest, uh-- [[coughing]]

00:13:47.000 --> 00:13:53.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We had a few-- a few speakers every once in a while. But the most, uh--

00:13:53.000 --> 00:13:55.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: most speakers we had were Black speakers.

00:13:55.000 --> 00:14:00.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We would have, like,what I can remember, most would be like comin'--

00:14:00.000 --> 00:14:05.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: --Commencement exercises. That's what we called em'; Commencement exercises, when we had something like that

00:14:05.000 --> 00:14:07.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: which was an extra special.

00:14:07.000 --> 00:14:15.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And I got a chance one time to come down to Tugalo [[Tupelo]] College to her graduation.

00:14:15.000 --> 00:14:18.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And I was still young.

00:14:18.000 --> 00:14:21.000
Louise Spence: How often did you go into town?

00:14:21.000 --> 00:14:32.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Only once or twice. My people, my grandmother, she was kinda shifty. I guess you could call her, uh, thrifty.

00:14:32.000 --> 00:14:36.000
Pearl Bowser: Thrifty.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Thrifty would really be the word.

00:14:36.000 --> 00:14:41.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: She would-- We had cows, horses.

00:14:41.000 --> 00:14:54.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We were some of the better livers you would say, you know? [[All laugh]]

00:14:54.000 --> 00:14:51.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: So-- Cause most people didn't have any way of getting around.

00:14:51.000 --> 00:14:54.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We did have horses and buggies back then, you know.

00:14:54.000 --> 00:15:07.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Cows to milk, goats to have. Hogs, chickens, that kinda stuff. We had chickens for-- to get our fresh eggs,

00:15:07.000 --> 00:15:11.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: then kill a cow in the winter time.

00:15:11.000 --> 00:15:16.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Once it get real cold, somebody in the neighborhood probably kill a cow.

00:15:16.000 --> 00:15:20.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Maybe later, you kill one; I kill mine; ya kill yours; she kill hers, later.

00:15:20.000 --> 00:15:26.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We never hardly killed 'em at the same time cause we could divide them with the others.

00:15:26.000 --> 00:15:29.000
Louise Spence: These are family members you divided with or neighbors?

00:15:29.000 --> 00:15:38.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Neighbors. Family members, as well, if you had any. But uh, I think I can remember more family,

00:15:38.000 --> 00:15:45.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: uh, I mean neighbors, you know, friends around then family people.

00:15:45.000 --> 00:15:55.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: My mother and grandmother lived close together. That was when I had two-- My-- My mother, my grandmother and one aunt could divide--

00:15:55.000 --> 00:16:00.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I had another aunt, but she didn't have a husband,so we had to divide with her.

00:16:00.000 --> 00:16:08.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And still have to laugh at us. Well, I used to steal our stuff for her and her babies. [[All laugh]]

00:16:08.000 --> 00:16:10.000
Pearl Bowser: Where were your parents from?

00:16:10.000 --> 00:16:16.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Where were they from? They were from Alabama.

00:16:16.000 --> 00:16:20.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Well, I-- Well they-- Well this is a great greatgrand--

00:16:20.000 --> 00:16:24.000
[[Loud background noises and talking can be heard throughout the tape]] --the great grandparents came from [[Loud noise]] Africa.

00:16:24.000 --> 00:16:32.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: The great-- Okay, the great grandparents come from Africa.

00:16:32.000 --> 00:16:44.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Cause my grandparents were born here, in Alabama, and I think-- I think some of them--

00:16:44.000 --> 00:16:52.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: My grandmother I believe was born in Mississippi. But my grandaddy came from Africa;

00:16:52.000 --> 00:16:57.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: a small little boy, very small boy.

00:16:57.000 --> 00:17:05.000
[[telephone rings]]
Louise Spence: You were saying before that, as I was asking you how often you came into town, You said that your grandmother was very thrifty.

00:17:05.000 --> 00:17:11.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah, she would come maybe Wednesday's and Saturday's.
Louise Spence: Uh hmn.

00:17:11.000 --> 00:17:13.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: That was twice. [[Cross Talk]]
Louise Spence: Did she come to sell milk? Or to shop? Or--

00:17:13.000 --> 00:17:18.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: She come to sell and also she would pick up something.

00:17:18.000 --> 00:17:27.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: When you sell your product or whatever; vegetables, eggs and probably chickens.

00:17:27.000 --> 00:17:33.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: See back then, we could-- you could take a lot of live chicken, and

00:17:33.000 --> 00:17:38.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: believe it or not, the better white people usually got 'em before we got downtown.

00:17:38.000 --> 00:17:51.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I can remember. Oh, Lord, 28-- 1928, I think. The first year that I raised 'em and stuff and had chickens and stuff.

00:17:51.000 --> 00:17:54.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And the white people would buy them before we got downtown with 'em.

00:17:54.000 --> 00:18:01.000
Louise Spence: So that you went-- you did continue on downtown? Did you go to the movies then, or did you make a special trip to the movies?

00:18:01.000 --> 00:18:11.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: No. When we come into town, and then in that particular time, if we wanted to, we could got to the theaters. They had theaters.

00:18:11.000 --> 00:18:21.000
[[Background talking]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: 1928 or '9. I guess they had them earlier, but I didn't go to 'em

00:18:21.000 --> 00:18:26.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: till then cause, I don't know, I didn't go out as early as the other children.

00:18:26.000 --> 00:18:32.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: The boys went to a lot of things I didn't go to, [[laughs]]
Louise Spence: Mhm.

00:18:32.000 --> 00:18:34.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: and I didn't worry 'bout goin'. [[Laughs]]

00:18:34.000 --> 00:18:37.000
Louise Spence: And then you said you moved to Atlanta?

00:18:37.000 --> 00:18:40.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: No.

00:18:40.000 --> 00:18:48.000
[[Background noises and talking throughout]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: in When I left, uh, Canton I went to Chicago, and I lived in Chicago; the Chicago area,

00:18:48.000 --> 00:18:57.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: but I lived in Chicago proper about 5 or 6 years, and then we bought a little a place out by

00:18:57.000 --> 00:19:01.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Kankakee, Illinois, and we moved out there.

00:19:01.000 --> 00:19:06.000
Louise Spence: When was that?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We stayed out there.
Louise Spence: When was that, that you moved to Chicago?

00:19:06.000 --> 00:19:10.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I moved in Chicago in 1942.

00:19:10.000 --> 00:19:12.000
Louise Spence: Ah, during the war.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yea.

00:19:12.000 --> 00:19:15.000
Louise Spence: Uh-huh. Did you, did you work in Chicago?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah.

00:19:15.000 --> 00:19:24.000
Louise Spence: Uh-huh.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I worked in a book factory. Of course, I worked other places, but I can remember the book factory most

00:19:24.000 --> 00:19:28.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: because I worked in the book factory during the war years.

00:19:28.000 --> 00:19:35.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: That's where I ruined my eyes. [[Both laugh]] Because we would read a lot.

00:19:35.000 --> 00:19:41.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: You know. We, we had to remember the dates, you know, like-- What, what is this now? June?

00:19:41.000 --> 00:19:48.000
Louise Spence: June.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Okay then, we would be making July books, so we had to get June books all filed away.

00:19:48.000 --> 00:19:54.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: So, we wouldn't get these, you know, uh issues--
Pearl Bowser: mixed?

00:19:54.000 --> 00:19:59.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Mixed, right. So, I did a lot of, a lot of that.

00:19:59.000 --> 00:20:06.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Which I should have retired from that, but I didn't. I was wrapped up into a contract.

00:20:06.000 --> 00:20:15.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: If I didn't uh, work, my boss would [[inaudible]]. That's where we lived then we came down here in 19--

00:20:15.000 --> 00:20:18.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: What? '72. We came back in '72.

00:20:18.000 --> 00:20:23.000
Louise Spence: During those 5 years while you were in Chicago, did you go to the movies there?

00:20:23.000 --> 00:20:33.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Oh yeah. Yeah. I used to go see, uh,-- Who was that I used to go see in person? She was black and used to sing a lot.

00:20:33.000 --> 00:20:37.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Who was it? [[Laughs]]
Louise Spence: [[Laughs]]
Pearl Bowser: 40's?

00:20:37.000 --> 00:20:40.000
Pearl Bowser: Somebody in the 40's your talking about?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah.

00:20:40.000 --> 00:20:42.000
Louise Spence: And she said--
Pearl Bowser: Lena Horne?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Huh?
Louise Spence: Was it Lena Horne?

00:20:42.000 --> 00:20:50.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I think I've seen, yeah, I've seen her too, but was this was somebody that's super-- What her name? Mavis something?

00:20:50.000 --> 00:20:55.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Oh, I don't remember. I know, I used to go see her. She was kind of plump.

00:20:55.000 --> 00:21:00.000
Pearl Bowser,Louise Spence: Uh-huh. [[Really loud noise]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Brown skin. But I, I don't know why her name--

00:21:04.000 --> 00:21:14.000
[[Loud noises and talking are heard throughout tape]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: --her name has left me. I can't remember. [[Laughter]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Used to see her every time she come. [[Laughs]]
Pearl Bowser: Was she a Blues singer?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah.
Pearl Bowser: Was she a Blues singer?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah, she, uh, use to be at Forty-seventh and South Park.

00:21:14.000 --> 00:21:25.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid:
[SILENCE] It's, um, with [[??]], you can't drive it now, but uh at, at that time, it was named South-- South Park-- Forty-seven South Park.

00:21:25.000 --> 00:21:36.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And any time she would be playing-- I think her first was Mamie, but I don't know, maybe it wasn't now; cant even remember. It was so long--
Louise Spence: That's-- That's alright. Now tell me, did you go to the movies a lot when you were in Chicago?

00:21:36.000 --> 00:21:38.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Quite a bit.
Louise Spence: What was it like?

00:21:38.000 --> 00:21:48.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: It was good, it was good. We-- We uh,-- In Chicago, we, we more or less, had our own theaters. We didn't have to sit back,

00:21:48.000 --> 00:21:53.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: you know, in our place. We sat anywhere we wanted to. [[All laugh]]

00:21:53.000 --> 00:21:59.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We didn't go to the movies too much, with, uh, mixed groups, you know,

00:21:59.000 --> 00:22:05.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: 'cause, you know, West Chicago is quite a bit different, but not too, not as much as people would be expect,

00:22:05.000 --> 00:22:17.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: because when they want to get rid of us, they build their own whatever. Like they had that, um,-- Well, I could say if I had money,

00:22:17.000 --> 00:22:21.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I could go; my money would let me go. But what they would do is, they would um, uh--

00:22:21.000 --> 00:22:35.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: put up a private sign that this was a private club or something,
Louise Spence: Oh!
Marella Mayberry McDavid: so that no one could go in except members, so they kept us out of those kinds of places.

00:22:35.000 --> 00:22:42.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: but otherwise, it was about the same, same difference like, like, like in this year, now.

00:22:42.000 --> 00:22:54.000
Pearl Bowser: Mhm. And in, in, in Chicago, before you went to Chicago, um, you, you were still in Cant-- Canton?

00:22:54.000 --> 00:23:04.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah. I left Canton and went to Chicago; left Canton and went to Chicago in '42.
Louise Spence: Do you remember why you left Chicago?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yes.

00:23:04.000 --> 00:23:12.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: My, well, my husband was a World War I Veteran, and I was married to him; he was quite older than I was. [[Laughs]]

00:23:12.000 --> 00:23:20.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But uh, he was uh, a World War I Veteran who couldn't get, get a job.

00:23:20.000 --> 00:23:29.000
[[Background noises and talking throughout the tape]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: At the time, Charles was just opening up, and he didn't care to go like-- well, I think, like Florida, I think was the closest place.

00:23:29.000 --> 00:23:35.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But like they had a wool-- a place where they made wool material I think, in Florida.

00:23:35.000 --> 00:23:39.000
Pearl Bowser: Mhmm
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And he didn't go out there to work, so and rather we went to Chicago.

00:23:39.000 --> 00:23:48.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And he was-- When I-- When he sent for me, and I went, he was um working for one of his uh family members.

00:23:48.000 --> 00:23:53.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: So I told him, I said, "Well you get there, why don't you write the President; write the White House?" Ya know.

00:23:53.000 --> 00:24:00.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We, well the letters really didn't go to the President. But he would, he would always get the news, ya know.
Pearl Bowser: Mhmm.

00:24:00.000 --> 00:24:07.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: So that way he-- They gave him a job, and they wrote him back and told him that if he didn't like that, and didn't wanna keep that job,

00:24:07.000 --> 00:24:11.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: he could, ya know, they'd give him another one, but he stayed there 'til he was retired.

00:24:11.000 --> 00:24:17.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: It was kinda-- He was working at a steel farm, and he could have gotten a job inside something.

00:24:17.000 --> 00:24:22.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Ya know he was inside, it's true, but he could have got something that he wouldn't have had to work as hard

00:24:22.000 --> 00:24:27.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: 'cause he, he just accepted what he had, and stayed at that.
Louise Spence: Mm.

00:24:27.000 --> 00:24:29.000
Louise Spence: Hmmmmm. So when-
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And he went for 12 years.

00:24:29.000 --> 00:24:38.000
Pearl Bowser: When you move to the country, he continued to work at the same job in Chicago?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah, until he retired.
Pearl Bowser: Uh huh, did he enjoy the movies too?

00:24:38.000 --> 00:24:42.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah he would go sometimes, to the movies. He liked it.

00:24:42.000 --> 00:24:48.000
Pearl Bowser: Did-- When you went to the movies in Chicago, did you mostly go with your husband or did you go with your friends, or alone?

00:24:48.000 --> 00:24:53.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I went with my friends, uh well, I went a lot because he worked nights most of the time.

00:24:53.000 --> 00:24:59.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: So he didn't have a chance to go to the movies like I did. I would go to the evening movies.

00:24:59.000 --> 00:25:04.000
Louise Spence: Uhm huh.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: [[?]] going to be some Blacks playin that I wanted to see or hear, you know.

00:25:04.000 --> 00:25:07.000
Louise Spence: Uhm huh.
Pearl Bowser: Uhm huh.
Louise Spence: And who would you go with?

00:25:07.000 --> 00:25:10.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: A lot of times we would go-- Some of the neighbors or

00:25:10.000 --> 00:25:18.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: somebody would come over Gary, Indiana. I have a sister still in [[inaudible]], so I knew a lot of people over [[inaudible]]

00:25:18.000 --> 00:25:27.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: They came over for a movie with some-- Most of them would come by sometime and get me, and then we would go together.

00:25:27.000 --> 00:25:31.000
Louise Spence: Did they come for the weekend, or just come for the night?

00:25:31.000 --> 00:25:40.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Sometime they would come, like, well, on the off-days. You know. we have a big steel foundry in Gary

00:25:41.000 --> 00:25:48.000
[[Loud noises and talking are heard throughout tape]]
Louise Spence: So, when they wasn't workin, they had an off day. That's when they would come over to Chicago and go to the movie.

00:25:48.000 --> 00:25:57.000
Louise Spence: Uhm huh.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: My sister [[inaudible]] we would keep in touch, in touch, you know, by one another.

00:25:57.000 --> 00:26:04.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We usually, if they were comin over here, they'd let me know if they were going to be at the theater.

00:26:04.000 --> 00:26:14.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: They also wanted to stay up at the 47th and South Park; Martin Luther King Drive [[giggles]].

00:26:14.000 --> 00:26:23.000
Louise Spence: Uhm huh.
Pearl Bowser: Were you ever curious about the movies that had frightened your brother so much?

00:26:23.000 --> 00:26:32.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Hey, what?
Pearl Bowser: The movies that you described that your brother had nightmares about. Were you ever curious, and ever talked to him about what he had seen?

00:26:32.000 --> 00:26:43.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Ah. Yeah, but I knows nothin about things from my brother. He didn't relate to me as he should have.

00:26:43.000 --> 00:26:52.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I used to be angry at him because he was Smart in the head. I think I was a little more smarter than him when it came to other things

00:26:52.000 --> 00:27:01.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: because he didn't, he didn't work too much with his hands. I think he wanted to be left [[inaudible]] We got a lot of [[inaudible]]. There's nothing wrong in his condition,

00:27:01.000 --> 00:27:11.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: but everybody can't push a button, some of us is going to have to do manual work, and we don't want to do that. [[Laughs]]

00:27:11.000 --> 00:27:18.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: A lot of people don't want to. So he was one of those guys. He didn't want to work with his hands. [[inaudible]]

00:27:18.000 --> 00:27:31.000
Louise Spence: Did he stay in Canton?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: He never left. He left and went to Cleveland for a while. Ohio. But he didn't stay up there, you know.

00:27:31.000 --> 00:27:39.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Doin'-- He didn't stay or doin' all 4 years at [[?]] a while. A small while.

00:27:39.000 --> 00:27:48.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Too long to come back home and [[?]]. I think his wife was with him for a while, but he

00:27:48.000 --> 00:27:52.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: still had bought a property; he had bought a house down here to come back home [[inaudible]].

00:27:52.000 --> 00:28:00.000
Louise Spence: Uhm huh. Back in Chicago, what other kinds of things did you do for amusement, as a fam--

00:28:00.000 --> 00:28:03.000
[[Loud noises and talking going on in background throughout tape.]]
Louise Spence: What kinds of things did you do for amusement besides going to the movies?

00:28:03.000 --> 00:28:12.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We were going to the movies back then. One year we had the World's Fair in Chicago.

00:28:12.000 --> 00:28:15.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I was able to go to the World's Fair.

00:28:15.000 --> 00:28:24.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Like we would have the Fair, and we would have the Black whats-ya-ma-call-it? We have it here sometime.

00:28:24.000 --> 00:28:27.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: What's it called? Like they'd come--

00:28:27.000 --> 00:28:31.000
Pearl Bowser: The State Fair?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Not Coun--
Pearl Bowser: State or County Fair?

00:28:31.000 --> 00:28:38.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah. State or County Fair, but we have something else that come?I
Marella Mayberry McDavid: They come in and they have, uh--
Louise Spence: Circus?

00:28:38.000 --> 00:28:43.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: They would have a circus, but then they'd have-- What do you call it?

00:28:43.000 --> 00:28:50.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: They set up a Ferris Wheel and stuff and you--
Louise Spence: Like a-- Oh, yeah. What do you call it? [[Laughs]] Amusement Park.

00:28:50.000 --> 00:28:54.000
Pearl Bowser: Amusement Park.
Louise Spence: Right.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Well, they set them up--
Louise Spence: Right.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: over a period of time.

00:28:54.000 --> 00:28:59.000
Louise Spence: Yeah. Uh huh.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: [[inaudible]]
Louise Spence: Yeah, traveling one. They had traveling amusement parks.

00:28:59.000 --> 00:29:04.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah.
Louise Spence: Uh huh. They sometimes showed movies there. Did you see one there too?

00:29:04.000 --> 00:29:07.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: At these amusement parks?
Louise Spence: At these amusement parks?

00:29:07.000 --> 00:29:10.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I don't think so.
Louise Spence: Maybe that would ha-- That might have been earlier.

00:29:10.000 --> 00:29:16.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: They might have them now, 'cause I'll tell you what, I've never been to one here.

00:29:16.000 --> 00:29:23.000
Louise Spence: Um huh.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I know about them. My little girl goes. I told you I have a little girl.
Louise Spence: Yeah. Your 15-year old. Yeah.
Pearl Bowser: Yes.

00:29:23.000 --> 00:29:29.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Well, she go there [[inaudible]] but no more.

00:29:29.000 --> 00:29:33.000
Louise Spence: Did the two-- [[Cross Talk]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: We went to the movies once in a while.
Louise Spence: Yeah. I was going to ask you. With her?

00:29:33.000 --> 00:29:36.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah. I had went with her when she was smaller.

00:29:36.000 --> 00:29:44.000
Louise Spence: Um huh.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: She was talking about asking me to go to some kind of movies not to long ago. But I didn't go.

00:29:44.000 --> 00:29:47.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But I do go sometimes, but I like to go [[inaudible]]

00:29:47.000 --> 00:29:50.000
Louise Spence: What kind of movies to you see now?

00:29:50.000 --> 00:30:01.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Uh, usually, well, I go to anything that's Industry, and I went to see this movie, this Black movie they had--

00:30:01.000 --> 00:30:07.000
Pearl Bowser: "Do the Right Thing?"
Marella Mayberry McDavid: "Do the Right Thing?" I don't think--
Louise Spence: No. When--
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I don't know. It's a--

00:30:07.000 --> 00:30:13.000
Louise Spence: Tell us a little bit about what was in the movie, and then I'll try to tell you the title. [[Laughs]]

00:30:13.000 --> 00:30:20.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: [[inaudible]] [[is whether it's nobler in the world.??]] They show that on TV now.
Louise Spence: Uh huh. Did it take place in a--

00:30:22.000 --> 00:30:24.000
[[Loud background noises and talking throughout]]
Louise Spence: in Los Angeles or Brooklyn?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: No, this on television [[?]]
Louise Spence: On television? Oh.

00:30:24.000 --> 00:30:31.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: No, [[?]]. When it first started it was interesting, but I don't know, they showed you so much.

00:30:31.000 --> 00:30:38.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: What is that?
Louise Spence: [[Laughs]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Everybody knows what it is. [[Cross Talk]]
Pearl Bowser: [[inaudible]] Malcom X.
Louise Spence: Did you see that?

00:30:38.000 --> 00:30:40.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: No. I would have loved to have seen that.

00:30:40.000 --> 00:30:49.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But I don't think I've ever seen that. I look like I must have seen a little of Malcolm X, but I would like to see that through.
Louise Spence: [[Laughs]]

00:30:49.000 --> 00:30:58.000
Pearl Bowser: Yeah, yeah.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: That would be Industry. But this was some, I think, Black woman is playin' [[?]]

00:30:58.000 --> 00:31:02.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I mean they got a lot of it going.
Pearl Bowser: There's a woman?

00:31:02.000 --> 00:31:05.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah.
Pearl Bowser: Made the film?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: There's women playin' it.

00:31:05.000 --> 00:31:07.000
Louise Spence: On television or film?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: On television now!

00:31:07.000 --> 00:31:12.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: This-- They are on television. {{Cross Talk]]
Louise Spence: I haven't been watching this year.

00:31:12.000 --> 00:31:13.000
Louise Spence: They were supposed to make a serial out of Brewster's Place.

00:31:13.000 --> 00:31:18.000
Louise Spence: Did they do that?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: No.
Louise Spence: They were supposed to make a television show out of Brewster's Place,

00:31:18.000 --> 00:31:28.000
Louise Spence: but I don't know if they've done it.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: This is a few years ago. It just sounds [[inaudible]].

00:31:28.000 --> 00:31:34.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I can't [[inaudible]]cause I want to, but it's a Black movie.

00:31:34.000 --> 00:31:41.000
Louise Spence: And it plays on televsion?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah.
Pearl Bowser: Yeah, it's been on television.

00:31:41.000 --> 00:31:46.000
Louise Spence: Sorry we can't help you. We don't watch too much television. We've been working too hard lately.

00:31:46.000 --> 00:31:51.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Well.
Louise Spence: Not that I don't like television. I just don't have the time.

00:31:51.000 --> 00:32:04.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But it's been quite a while though. Like a few years--
Pearl Bowser: You're not talking about-- Now I can't recall.

00:32:04.000 --> 00:32:11.000
Louise Spence: Now you can't remember. [[Laughter]]
Pearl Bowser: Now I can't do it. Ah-- Bill Cosby?
Marella Mayberry McDavid: No, I don't about Bill Cosby.

00:32:11.000 --> 00:32:17.000
[[Cross talk]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I look at him every night. [[All laugh]] Every Tuesday nights? Every Tue-- Tuesday night?
Louise Spence: Yeah.

00:32:17.000 --> 00:32:23.000
Louise Spence: But when you do go to the movies now, do you particularly like to go see Black films? Or you see whatever comes around.

00:32:23.000 --> 00:32:28.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I like to see Black music uh, films

00:32:28.000 --> 00:32:35.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: because one day we didn't have a chance to adopt children to have them.
Louise Spence: Mhm.

00:32:35.000 --> 00:32:40.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: So I like to look at them. I like to look at them instances where--
Louise Spence: Mhm.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Yeah I'm not a person--

00:32:40.000 --> 00:32:50.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: --just, you know, I'm not just a race person. I like to see any human do his thing, you know, or her thing, whatever, you know.

00:32:50.000 --> 00:32:58.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I try to be broad-minded, you know. Not, "Is he white? Or is he black?" It don't matter, it's a human, you know.
Louise Spence: [[Laughing]]

00:32:58.000 --> 00:33:05.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: If it's a smart white, good. If it's a smart black, good. If they not smart--

00:33:05.000 --> 00:33:08.000
Louise Spence: And your, your little girl, she feels the same way?

00:33:08.000 --> 00:33:17.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Practically. Of course, I'm trying to learn her to not to be. I'm having a little problem with her, though. Y'all not from Jackson, are you?

00:33:17.000 --> 00:33:26.000
Pearl Bowser: No.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Well she goes to a mixed school which was all white, a few years back. She had most opportunities--

00:33:26.000 --> 00:33:34.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: and I had a BIG wrestle to keep her there. She have a boyfriend who's in the Navy,

00:33:34.000 --> 00:33:45.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: and he told her if she stayed-- She goes to Wingfield High. I don't know whether you heard that name or not, but that's one of our best, better schools.

00:33:45.000 --> 00:33:51.000
{Unknown voice 1} Better.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And, uh, she wanted to leave and come back to the all black.

00:33:51.000 --> 00:33:58.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And at first, I was gonna quit. I said "No, I'm not." I just put my foot down and said, "You gonna stay at Wingfield."

00:33:58.000 --> 00:34:14.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Cus, see, At Wingfield they do this new-- Uh, the ladies-- I wouldn't say arithmetic, but it's in the math-- ,
Louise Spence: Mathematics.

00:34:14.000 --> 00:34:17.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Mathematic, mathematic [[?]] but it's higher. [[Cross Talk]]
Pearl Bowser: Yes, I know.

00:34:17.000 --> 00:34:22.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Can you call it math?
Pearl Bowser: Computers. Computers? [[Cross Talk]]
Louise Spence: Calculators. Sure.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Computers.

00:34:22.000 --> 00:34:26.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: See, she can get that at Wingfield, but couldn't get that at the Black schools

00:34:26.000 --> 00:34:28.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: So I told her I didn't want her to go.

00:34:28.000 --> 00:34:32.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid:

00:34:32.000 --> 00:34:33.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I said, "If you can get the ladies, then you can go."

00:34:33.000 --> 00:34:39.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But if they just sit there and get the-- But if I went over they, I would tell them, "Why you all-- Why they can't get it? Why?"

00:34:39.000 --> 00:34:46.000
Louise Spence and Pearl Bowser: Uhm huh. Right.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: If one school had it? No! It's supposed to get what the other one got? So why we can't get it?

00:34:46.000 --> 00:34:47.000
Louise Spence: Uhm huh.
Pearl Bowser: Right.

00:34:47.000 --> 00:34:50.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I wouldn't let my child. I didn't want her to go there.

00:34:50.000 --> 00:35:00.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: She was talkin about it with one of her teachers, and she told her teachers that I didn't want her to go there. And she was exactly right cause I made a mistake --

00:35:00.000 --> 00:35:06.000
[[talking and loud noises can be heard throughout the tape]]
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I didn't mind going where she was teaching, and she do teach at a lot of black schools. [

00:35:06.000 --> 00:35:07.000
Pearl Bowser: Mmm. [

00:35:07.000 --> 00:35:15.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But this school was one of our oldest high schools in Texas, and they don't have nothing out there to offer so they wanna go-- [

00:35:15.000 --> 00:35:16.000
Pearl Bowser: Mmm. [

00:35:16.000 --> 00:35:24.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Well why go out there man, trying to do anything, you wanna get-- you see-- okay, if you get what you can get out of high school,

00:35:24.000 --> 00:35:31.000
and you have the opportunity, you will have the opportunity here to start the working at ten dollars an hour. [

00:35:31.000 --> 00:35:34.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And that isn't too bad; not for Jackson anyway. [

00:35:34.000 --> 00:35:38.000
Louise Spence: It's not bad for New York either. [[All laughing]] [

00:35:38.000 --> 00:35:45.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: So anyway, I wanted her to get all she can. And then she's goin to be a beautician if she gets those two things.

00:35:45.000 --> 00:35:48.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: She should be able to make it.
Louise Spence: Uhm huh.
Pearl Bowser: Uhm huh.

00:35:48.000 --> 00:35:52.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And then, if she want to go to college later, good.

00:35:52.000 --> 00:35:56.000
Louise Spence: Uhm huh.
Pearl Bowser: Means she's equipped to go.

00:35:56.000 --> 00:36:00.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Right.
Pearl Bowser: She's prepared to go.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Right. Money wise. [[laughs]]
Louise Spence: [[laughs]]

00:36:00.000 --> 00:36:12.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: She's good in the, you know, head. [[inaudible]] It takes a lot of money maybe to go to college, something like 40,000 dollars.

00:36:12.000 --> 00:36:14.000
Louise Spence: Umm.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: That's a lot of money.
Louise Spence: That's a lot of money.

00:36:14.000 --> 00:36:18.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But you don't have to have that much at one time.
Louise Spence: Uhm huh.

00:36:18.000 --> 00:36:20.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But you have to have it.
Pearl Bowser: Umm.
Louise Spence: Yeah.

00:36:20.000 --> 00:36:22.000
Pearl Bowser: Eventually, you have to have it all. [[Laughs]]
Louise Spence: [[Laughs]].

00:36:22.000 --> 00:36:24.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Right. [[Laughs]]

00:36:24.000 --> 00:36:30.000
Pearl Bowser: You gotta pay for shoes. Right up to the grave. You gotta have money.
Louise Spence: Yeah.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Right.

00:36:30.000 --> 00:36:32.000
Pearl Bowser: If you can't pay it, your family has to pay it.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Right, yeah.

00:36:32.000 --> 00:36:44.000
Louise Spence: Thank you, Mrs. [[?]]. Do you-- Do you have more thoughts about movies you'd like to tell us before we're finished.

00:36:44.000 --> 00:36:45.000
Louise Spence: Or was it very important in your life, seeing films?

00:36:45.000 --> 00:36:54.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Oh, yeah. I always liked to look at things, when I had the-- when I have the opportunity.

00:36:54.000 --> 00:37:00.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: [[talking softly]] I like to look at things. Whatever is [[?]] [[seemly]]. When you look at my grandmother,

00:37:00.000 --> 00:37:07.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: back in her days, she'd like to look at; she couldn't read; and try to learn to read.

00:37:07.000 --> 00:37:14.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: My granddad had learned to read cause he preached back when, you know, so he had to learn how to read to be able to preach.

00:37:14.000 --> 00:37:20.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: But my grandmother didn't learn to read, but she used to love to look at pictures, and I always wondered why.

00:37:20.000 --> 00:37:30.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: She want me to get this book and looking at pictures to her, and she want me to read it to her, and she can tell that I read it wrong. [[All laugh]]

00:37:30.000 --> 00:37:39.000
Pearl Bowser: Terrorised.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: That was very amusing. But, I learned there, if you can't read, pictures are very important.

00:37:39.000 --> 00:37:43.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And even when you can, it's important.
Louise Spence: Sure.

00:37:43.000 --> 00:37:49.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Pictures are very [[loud bang]] [[inaudible]] watch, cause you can get a lot out of looking at a picture, even in a book.

00:37:49.000 --> 00:38:03.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Say I didn't know then, but I learned as time went on, that it was very important to be able to look at a book,

00:38:03.000 --> 00:38:13.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: or somebody-- someone reads that book to you, it was nice, cause a lot of time now, I don't-- I don't read nearly as much as I should.

00:38:13.000 --> 00:38:23.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: I used to read papers every day, but I stopped reading like I used to read, but I watch, movies, and pictures, and stuff.

00:38:23.000 --> 00:38:34.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: And now they explain most everything to you that you're looking at on the picture, so it's very important

00:38:34.000 --> 00:38:41.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: to be able to, watch, you know, pictures.
Louise Spence: Um hmn.

00:38:41.000 --> 00:38:46.000
Pearl Bowser: Well, um, you know, I want to thank you for staying and talking with us--

00:38:46.000 --> 00:38:53.000
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Oh, you're welcome. You're more than welcome. I like to, if I could be a help, I would love to be a help.

00:38:53.000 --> 00:38:58.464
Louise Spence: Thank you. And, it's been a wonderful help.
Marella Mayberry McDavid: Well--
Louise Spence: We appreciate it.