Bailey - California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, April - August 1899

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When you travel, do you plan out every detail ahead of time? Maybe you hope everything will come together along the way. For Chief Field Naturalist Vernon Orlando Bailey (1864-1942), some things simply could not be worked out in advance, from far away in Washington, D.C.. This journal captures Bailey's personal account of his travels from Virginia through Louisiana to southeast Texas and then in a northwesterly direction to Oregon. He kept his focus on the task of collecting mammal and bird specimens for the United States Biological Survey and documenting the conditions in which the specimens lived. This was important data that was part of a comprehensive survey of biodiversity in North America. However his journal entries also include descriptions of his travel, campsites, and daily activities, and ranches and communities visited. Please join us in transcribing Bailey's 1899 field journal and get a fuller picture of what it was like to study biodiversity at the end of the 19th century.

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