Paul Bartsch - Notes of specimens collected on the Philippine Expedition, circa 1908

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Despite being home to a great variety of species, the Philippines were not a place in which to conduct research between 1898 and 1903. The Pacific island archipelago was affected by the Spanish-American War of 1898 and an insurrection that continued until 1903. However, by 1907, the situation had stabilized and the United States was eager to begin exploring its flora and fauna. Paul Bartsch of the Smithsonian joined 69 other participants in the Philippine Expedition traveling aboard the 25 year old research vessel "Albatross." Among the many specimens Bartsch observed and collected were Nudibranchs, a type of marine Gastropoda. Included in his notes and descriptions are highly detailed illustrations by Kumataro Ito. Please join us in transcribing Bartsch's 1908 field notes to capture his personal record of specimen location, sample set number and descriptions. Transcribing Ito's Japanese notations on the watercolor illustrations would be an added bonus! (Tip: Japanese notations can be transcribed as characters or they can be romanized. Translation is not required for the project to be complete.)

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