US Navy Galapagos Expedition 1941: Miscellaneous notes (1 of 3)

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A 1937 "Notice for American Yacht Clubs" is one of the items found in the miscellaneous notes of Dr. Waldo Schmitt from this expedition. After years of explorers and other visitors to the Archipelago, the dangers to the flora and fauna of the Galapagos and the surrounding islands was clear. Among Schmitt's notes are plans and specifications for a proposed field laboratory in the Galapagos Islands to study the wildlife and environment. Such an arrangement would require a partnership with the Ecuadorean government. Join us in transcribing the draft plans, proposals, and related details in this first part of Dr. Schmitt's notes. This project is a part of our “Travel to the Tropics” campaign. As you’re transcribing Schmitt’s work, if you come across names of people with whom Waldo had professional or personal relationships (e.g. fellow scientist, staff on an expedition, friend), it would help us to make better authority records for him if you could kindly add those names to this spreadsheet. If you like, share what you find on Twitter tagging #WhosWithWaldo.

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