Report of Mt. Olive Baptist Church for the Years of 1914, 1915, 1916

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Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church was founded on March 10, 1887, when Rev. R.T. Huffman, former pastor of First Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and a number of his followers set out to form a new congregation. After meeting in a basement, the congregation raised enough money to build a church building atop the basement that could seat up to 1,200 people. Following Rev. Huffman's death, Rev. Charles H. Clark was elected pastor. Beginning in the 1890s Mount Olive served as the home of the National Baptist Publishing Board and hosted the National Baptist Sunday School Congress. Rev. Clark and his successor, Rev. John B. Ridley, both served as chairman of the National Baptist Publishing Board. Help us transcribe this report from 1914-1916 to learn more about the inner workings of Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

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