Souvenir Program: Bethel Baptist Institutional Church Brotherhood Alliance

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The Bethel Baptist Institutional Church is one of the oldest Baptist congregation in Florida. Earliest services were held on a plantation 1838. The congregation included many slaves from surrounding plantations who would require a special day pass that allowed them to travel safely to services. During the Civil War, the church building was used as a hospital for the Union Army. After the war, white members of the church attempted to take over the congregation and remove the African American congregants. These African Americans took their case to court where a judge ruled in their favor. Today, the congregation boasts well over fourteen thousand members. This document is a souvenir program from the Bethel Baptist Institutional Church Brotherhood Alliance for men's day activities. The interior has images of the men's day officials, a program schedule, and information about committees and speakers. The souvenir shows the lasting legacy of such an important church in the community and African American life. Learn more by transcribing and discovering all the activities of the March 18, 1956 event.

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