Elayne Zorn Collection - Taquile: Field Notes, 1975-1977

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Help us transcribe “Taquile: Field Notes, 1975-1977” (Box 2, Folder 2) from the Elayne Zorn Collection! This notebook contains Zorn’s notes on traditional weaving techniques from the Island of Taquile, in the Puno Region of Peru.

Elayne Zorn (1952-2010) was an anthropologist, weaver and musician who specialized in the study of textiles, of tourism and of cultural change in the Andes. In the 1970s she began a long association with the community on the Island of Taquile, in the Puno region of Peru, conducting fieldwork on native weaving techniques. Zorn worked as Professor of Anthropology at the University of Central Florida from 1998 until 2010. In addition to her academic duties, throughout her career Zorn collaborated with various museums and cultural institutions as a consultant and collector. Zorn’s collection of field notes and photographs documents her extensive work in Peru and Bolivia throughout her career and accompanied a large collection of textiles and musical instruments donated to the National Museum of the American Indian.

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