George L. Nelson papers - Writings: "Indian Revival in Virginia" and Miscellaneous, c. 1920

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Help up transcribe "Writings: "Indian Revival in Virginia" and Miscellaneous, c. 1920" (Box 1, Folder 12) from the George L. Nelson papers! Chief George L. Nelson (Rappahannock) was born circa 1883 in Indian Neck, Virginia to parents Samuel and Virginia Nelson. A member of the Rappahannock community, Nelson began working to incorporate his tribe under the state laws of Virginia. The Rappahannock Indian Association was founded in 1921 with George Nelson as Chief. The George L. Nelson papers consist of documents belonging to Chief Nelson and left in the possession of his daughter Waneta Swain. The bulk of these documents relate to the work done by Chief Nelson in establishing the Rappahannock Indian Association in 1922 and the activities that led to the recognition of the tribe as part of the larger Virginia Indians Powhatan Confederacy.

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