James Brown Guitar

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This Epiphone guitar owned by James Brown is signed on all four sides and features messages of praise, thanks, and birthday wishes by notable people including Casey Kasem and Ozzy Osbourne. Transcription of the messages and signatures on Brown’s guitar will help Museum staff update their records with a list of all of the artists that signed the guitar and will allow interested researchers to more easily locate information about this iconic artist. We hope you enjoy transcribing this object and we can’t wait to find out who else left messages for James Brown!

Please indicate basic location information- ex. [front, top], [right side, bottom], etc. Don’t worry if messages are duplicated in the photos. Transcribe what you will see and we will clean it up on our end!

Example: Front, Top: Howie H More than music to the man (Mr. James Brown) Happy B and many more!

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