Cleofé Calderón - Brasil 1979, Amazonia #1

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During her lifetime, agrostologist Cleofé Calderón was a teacher and mentor, and proved she deserved a seat at the table. As early as 1966, around the same time Calderón began collecting for the Smithsonian, she assisted Dr. Richard W. Pohl in teaching a course on agrostology at the Organization for Tropical Studies in Costa Rica. In 1981, she once again proved herself, but this time at the last minute. Her colleague, Dr. Thomas R. Soderstrom, at the U.S. National Herbarium was too ill to travel to Colombia for a workshop and Calderón stepped in to fill his place. Her leadership at the bamboo symposium was so successful and popular that she was asked to organize another workshop the following year in Ecuador. But she also shared her expertise in less formal settings as a mentor to many aspiring students. Help transcribe these field notes, which will allow Calderón's legacy and teachings to live on for researchers today. Calderón's handwriting can be a little difficult to read, so feel free to see how volunpeers have transcribed her work.

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