"The Johnson Monthly," 1900

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Sculptor Grace Mott Johnson (1882-1967) was born in New York City, but moved with her family to a farm in Yonkers in 1900. There, Johnson began sketching farm animals, an interest that precluded her career as sculptor of animals. She studied sculpture at age 22 under Gutzon Borglum and James Earle Fraser at the Art Students League. Johnson sculpted animals from memory, and often took inspiration from observing animals at circuses and farms. In 1900, Grace Mott Johnson married painter Andrew Dasburg painter. Johnson and Dasburg joined a group of modernist artists living in Paris that year, but Johnson returned to the United States the year after, and the couple lived apart for most of their marriage. They separated in 1917 and divorced in 1922. Grace Mott Johnson lived on the Johnson family farm in the 1920s, and became a civil rights activist in the 1930s.

Help transcribe "The Johnson Monthly" a family newsletter written by Grace Mott Johnson from 1899-1903 which documents life on the Johnson Family Farm. The handwritten and illustrated newsletters gives insight into the activities of the Johnson family and what life was like on their farm. Johnson wrote the newsletter like a real magazine, including content like an editorial page, household and "do it yourself" tips.

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