Finnish-American Stage: Joyce Davis; Marvin Salo-ski and snowshoe making OCT 09 1980

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The 1980 Smithsonian Folklife Festival renewed a commitment to demonstrating "Old Ways in the New World." This initiative sought to dispel the "American Melting Pot" myth and show that many immigrant communities retained their cultures and traditions once they reached America. The Finnish portion of the 1980 program focused on recreating aspects of the Laskiainen festival as celebrated by Finnish Americans in northern Minnesota. Laskiainen is a day of feasting and other festivities in anticipation of the 40-day Lenten fast. The 1980 Festival demonstrated various food, crafts, and musical traditions of Finnish Americans. Participants narrated how to make traditional Finnish foods, described the process of making snowshoes and skis, and demonstrated traditional Finnish folk instruments and songs. Help us transcribe these Festival recordings and learn how a small immigrant community keeps their cultural traditions through the generations. Please view the instructions for transcribing audio collections before beginning. If you can identify the speakers, please do so using the format {SPEAKER NAME= "____" } if you cannot identify the speakers, please simply indicate when a different individual is speaking by inserting the "Speaker 1," "Speaker 2," etc. tags.

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