USNM Curators Annual Reports: Department of Mollusks: 1882 - 1885

About the Project

How would you keep track of the work of a brand new museum, one whose collections were still growing rapidly from donations and strategic purchases? Equally important, how would you keep track of the research those collections made possible? The United States National Museum was opened in 1881 by Smithsonian Secretary Spencer F. Baird . It was located in what is known today as the Arts & Industries Building on the National Mall. In order to make sure the museum director could provide a comprehensive summary of museum activity each year, every department's head curator submitted their own reports which give us a more detailed understanding of success and obstacles of America's first National Museum.

Join in with other #volunpeers to help us transcribe Department of Mollusks reports from head curator William H. Dall in 1882, 1883, 1884 and 1885. Dall was well-known as an Alaskan explorer and for his collecting expeditions throughout North America and a protege of Secretary Baird.





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