Sandford Greeting Card Company and Family Papers

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Mary Elizabeth Kennedy Sandford founded the Sandford Card Company in Dansville, New York in 1907. The Sandford Card Company was intended to provide consumers with a means to send messages to family and friends. These messages contained well thought out verses and images on products other than the typical postcards that were available during this time period. Initially, Mary Elizabeth created four verses with images and had five thousand of each printed by the F. A. Owen Publishing Company. The four samples were sent to two hundred bookstores and drugstores. Sales were later made with distributors and agents in various cities throughout the country. In addition, the company also sold cards to fraternal organizations using their symbols or mottos in the design. Eventually, fraternal organizations became a big part of the company's customer base expanding to more than fifty groups. Join our #TCGreetings campaign, and help us transcribe materials from the Sandford family, including holiday greeting cards, personal correspondence, and family photographs,

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