Flash Weekly Newspicture Magazine, May 3, 1938

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"Flash" was a weekly newspicture magazine published in Washington, D.C., from June 1937-August 1939. "Flash" was one of a number of periodicals aimed at black audiences during the 1930s that featured images and text about African Americans and African American life during this period. In a 1938 editorial titled "New Year Forecast" the editors wrote, "No longer an experiment, it ["Flash"] will represent the outstanding dynamic and satisfying weekly presentation of the significant drama of American life, with colored men and women in the title roles." This May 3, 1938 issue of "Flash" features photographs by acclaimed Pittsburgh photographer Charles "Teenie" Harris. Help us transcribe this issue of "Flash" to learn more about African American life in the 1930s and see if you can find Teenie Harris' photos throughout.

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