Harold E. Morehouse Flying Pioneers Biographies Collection - Fowler, Robert G.

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This collection consists of over 350 short biographies of early aviation's trailblazers written by Harold E. Morehouse (1894-1973). Conspicuous by its absence is a biography of the author, himself an innovator. Morehouse worked with numerous companies on the design and development of aircraft engines including the Van Blerck Motor Company, Dayton-Wright Aeroplane Company, Wright Aeronautical Corporation, and Michigan Aero Engine Company. Morehouse worked on these biographies as a personal project. His aim was to gather information on significant contributors to early aviation and distill this data to produce a set of brief biographies of these innovative men and women. He was assisted in this by his wife, Marvel Dyer. After Harold's death, Marvel worked in concert with Paul E. Garber of the National Air Museum to procure publication of the work. Sadly, the passing of Marvel Dyer and later of Paul Garber seemed to bring plans for publication to a halt. Note: Please do not describe the images, photographs, or maps that appear in this project. We are only seeking transcription.

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