Lee Ya-Ching Papers - Correspondence -- With Children, 1952 - 1964

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Lee Ya-Ching was a flying Good Will Ambassador for United China Relief during World War II. The daughter of a Hong Kong industrialist, Lee Ya-Ching attended school in England in 1933 and she began her flight training at Switzerland's Cointrin-Ecole d'Aviation, obtaining the first pilot's license ever granted by the school to a woman. She later continued her training at the Boeing School of Aviation, in Oakland, California. In 1936, Lee Ya-Ching returned to China where she made an air survey of 30,000 miles for the Chinese Army and was appointed instructor of the Shanghai Municipal Air School until the outbreak of war caused the school to close. From 1938 until 1943, Lee Ya-Ching flew across the United States and then Latin America soliciting funds for the benefit of Chinese war victims. Note: Please do not describe the images, photographs, or maps that appear in this project. We are only seeking transcriptions.

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