Plywood Panel Mural from Resurrection City

About the Project

During the Poor People’s Campaign, participants at Resurrection City on the National Mall painted this mural, often referred to as “Hunger’s Wall” on twelve plywood boards. This mural illustrates the interracial nature and diverse concerns of the demonstrators. Vincent deForest, an activist with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) who participated in the Poor People’s Campaign, salvaged this mural after the Resurrection City encampment was shut down. After storing them for decades, deForest donated these panels to the NMAAHC in 2012.

The text on this mural is scattered across all twelve panels. To ease transcription, we’ve separated the mural into two sections (top and bottom). You may find it useful to refer to the original image of the mural in its entirety, or other sections of the mural by clicking through this project. Please transcribe the text on the mural as follows:

• Don't describe images; please transcribe the text only.

• Please start each message on a new line to indicate they are separate/different/unique.

• Do not worry about transcribing the messages in any particular order as long as they are all transcribed.

Help us transcribe these panels and learn more about the diverse concerns of the participants of the Poor People’s Campaign.

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