Bendix Air Races Collection - Bendix Trophy Race, 1939

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The Bendix Corporation (1924-1983), manufacturers of devices for the automotive and aviation industries, sponsored the Bendix Trophy Race�a transcontinental speed competition for aircraft�annually from 1931-1939, then sporadically from 1946-1962. By this point in time, the Bendix Corporation�which had branched out to dominate the US market in aircraft radio and radar equipment during World War II�was producing missile and radar systems for the US military. In the 1960s Bendix was also building ground and airbourne telecommunications and telemetry systems for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Bendix Field Engineering division worked on the construction of Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Launch Complex 39 at the Merritt Island Launch Area (MILA) adjacent to Cape Canaveral, Florida, including the Apollo Launch Control Center, Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), and operational support equipment. Note: Please do not describe any images, photographs, or maps that appear in this project. We are only seeking transcriptions.

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