Project PHaEDRA - Evelyn F. Leland - Miscellaneous Observations - Variables M5 #2

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At Harvard College Observatory (now the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian), women computers studied glass plate photographs of the night sky. Here they catalogued stars, identifying variables, interpreting stellar spectra, counting galaxies, and measuring the vast distances in space. Several of them made game-changing discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics. In these books, follow the work of Evelyn F. Leland who worked extensively on stellar spectra, finding objects with unual spectral lines, and discovered many new variable stars. Interested in historical women? Love astronomy? Help us transcribe the work of the Harvard Observatory's women computers and see which stars shine the brightest. Have questions? Want to start a discussion? Head over to our blog posts to make comments about notebooks and ask questions about transcribing. NOTE: Please follow these special instructions when transcribing these notebooks.

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