James Baldwin Archive, Series 1: Certificates from Frederick Douglass Jr. High School

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James Baldwin (1924–1987) spent most of his life speaking out on the issues of race relations and racial discrimination in America. Through numerous bestselling novels, plays, and essays written during the 1950s through the 1970s, Baldwin addressed themes of racial and sexual oppression by connecting many of his personal experiences to national and international issues. Although Baldwin spent the bulk of his career living and working in Europe, mainly France and Turkey, he often returned to the United States to take part in events surrounding the American Civil Rights Movement. These materials are from the James Baldwin Collection Archive. The collection comes from Baldwin’s sister, Paula Baldwin Whaley, offering a wide range of material from Baldwin’s life including educational materials, personal letters, newspaper clippings, and an invitation from President John F. Kennedy to a luncheon at the White House. Included in the correspondence is a letter from Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. praising Baldwin’s work. Help us transcribe this important archival collection that documents Baldwin’s life from childhood through his illustrious career.

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