National Numismatic Collection - German Notgeld Notes, Set 9

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS PROJECT INCLUDES MATERIALS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND REQUIRES SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. Please review these guidelines before getting started. Help us transcribe German Notgeld Notes from the Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection (NNC). German Notgeld is a form of emergency currency that was created by cities and towns under German control following World War I. In a time of uncertainty that impacted the nation’s financial system causing currency shortages, these locally issued notes supplemented what the government was able to provide. Often the notes are highly illustrated and colorful. Notgeld notes provided an opportunity for townspeople to demonstrate cultural identities and pride through detailed images of cityscapes, landscapes, historic events, landmarks, important people, and legends / folklore. The NNC recently digitized over 6,500 of these notes and we need your help in transcribing and translating them. As it is the centenary for these notes there has been an increase in research interest and we need your help to better understand these notes and increase their access.

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