Folklife Festival Narrative Session: Chico Garcia - Muralist and Graffiti Artist part 1

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The 2001 Smithsonian Folklife Festival celebrated just a few of the innumerable manifestations of traditional culture in New York City. In addition to a shared urban culture, most New Yorkers also have one or more reservoirs of specialized traditional knowledge, which they have acquired from their ethnic and/or religious upbringing, working in a particular occupation, or living in a specific area of the city. The innumerable, multifaceted ways in which these factors interact are what make New York and New Yorkers so fascinating. Murals have been embraced by youth and counter cultures in New York as a vehicle for expression and a location to voice socio-economic grievances. Urban artist Chico Garcia discusses his muralism and its multifaceted role in community identity and memory. He goes on to explain how his artwork has given communities the opportunity to heal from loss of loved ones and trauma. See the finding aid for this program here.

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