Smithsonian African expedition under the direction of Col. Theodore Roosevelt (1909-1910), book 1, numbers 1-1858

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In 1909, the Smithsonian teamed with Col. Theodore Roosevelt on an expedition to Africa to collect specimens for the Institution's new Natural History Museum. Leaving just weeks after the end of Roosevelt's second term as President of the United States, the team collected an estimated 11,400 animal specimens from what is now Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and up to the Nile river into Sudan. Edgar Alexander Mearns (1856 - 1916) joined the expedition as a naturalist at the request of Roosevelt, shortly after Mearns had retired from his career as an US Army surgeon and medical officer. Help us transcribe these field notes from Mearns's personal papers that document specimens 1 to 1858 with notations of collection locations, landmarks, geographic features and altitude.

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