Bird watcher James W. Eike's Field notebooks, 1956-1961 : 7-3-58 to 1-14-59

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James W. Eike was not a professional ornithologist. He was a U.S. civil servant, working in several different federal organizations over the course of his career. But his passion for birds and bird watching filled his days. Over the course of thirty years, he rarely missed a day recording the birds he saw in northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. His notes include weather conditions and events that stood out to him, such as this from a later field notebook in 1969: March 20, 1969: “Haze and overcast […] green heron, bob white […] Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin landed on moon! […] Red bellies, downys […]”. Help us transcribe this field book of his notes on birds taken in the Falls Church area of Virginia during the summer and fall of 1958 and into the early winter of 1959.

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