A Botanist's Travelog "Camping in the Adirondacks"

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Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us transcribe this travelog and gain insight into the young man who would become the first Head Curator of the USNM's Department of Botany some thirty-four years later, in 1947. Raised in upstate New York, Ellsworth Paine Killip (1890-1968) received his A. B. degree in 1911 from the University of Rochester. This "Account of a canoe trip through the Adirondacks : my first travelogue" describes a 1914 summer expedition he undertook five years before joining the Division of Plant staff at the United States National Museum (USNM) in 1919 and embarking on a career in botany that would span over four decades. While the main focus of the narrative is Killip's travels, it includes photographs of localities and botanical specimens observed during the trip and many descriptions of surrounding flora and fauna.

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