David Crockett Graham Papers, 1923-1936

About the Project

This collection consists, for the most part, of diaries and photographs which document Graham's travels in Szechwan Province, China from 1923 through 1936. The diaries contain information on Graham's day-to-day activities pertaining to the collection of specimens for the USNM. Typewritten copies of the diaries are also included. The photographs consist of prints, most with annotations by Graham; lantern slides; and 609 negatives and their annotated wrapping papers. A microfilm copy of the 609 negatives has also been made. Also included in the collection are maps, hand-drawn by Graham, of several of Graham's summer expeditions; and correspondence with Alexander Wetmore, Director, USNM, and with William deC. Ravenel, Administrative Assistant, USNM, concerning shipment of specimens, diaries, and photographs. Many of Graham's diaries have been transcribed with the help of digital volunteers and are listed below for easy access.

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