U. S. National Museum log book of collecting trips for fossil cetaceans 1906

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How well do we understand our oceans and the marine life they contain? The year Frederick William True (1858-1914) started as a clerk with the United States Fisheries Commission, Germany was beginning to talk about hosting an international fisheries exposition. True was put in charge of the United States exhibit. Two years later at the 1880 Berlin Fisheries Exposition, the Emperor of Germany awarded first prize to the U.S. Fisheries Commission for the variety and completeness of its display. Frederick W. True continued his research on marine mammals and their fossils as he took on curatorial responsibilities at the Smithsonian. This notebook records his work collecting and studying cetacean specimens between 1906 and 1908. Much of it is in True's hand, but some other handwriting appears as well. Join us in transcribing this primary source material so valuable to scientists and researchers today.

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