F. W. True - Two notebooks on seals and other wildlife, Alaska, 1895

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Have you ever dreamed of studying seals and other marine wildlife up close? Here are two of Smithsonian biology curator Frederick William True's notebooks containing field notes and daily entries on seals and other wildlife on St. Paul Island, Kelaire, the Lukanin rookery, Polovina, the Tolstoi rookery, and St. George's Island in Alaska during the summer of 1895. His entries are dated and written in a narrative style. Join other digital volunteers in transcribing his observations of wildlife and surrounding environments. One contains extended description of interactions between mother and cub seals as well as a sealing event and birds seen (with sketches). The second includes observations of seal populations (cows, bulls, and pups); sealing; numbers relating to sealing with some sketches. It is possible that one of the books belonged to Leonhard Stejneger or another participant of the expedition since inscriptions on the two notebooks place the author at different places on the same day.

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