William and Lucile Mann - Diary, Firestone Expedition to Liberia, 1940

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What was it like to be the wife of the Director of the National Zoological Park, traveling in the midst of World War II? For Lucile Mann it meant long ship voyages and adventures across the globe, working alongside her husband, William, as they collected animals for the National Zoo. Lucile, who was previously an editor for the USDA's Bureau of Entomology, worked side by side with her husband, leading expeditions, and writing books and scientific articles about their travels. She put her writing skills to other good uses, too, keeping diaries of their collecting trips. Read her account of their 1940 expedition to Liberia to learn more about their travel and collecting practices, as well as vivid insights into Liberian politics and European zoo conditions during World War II. Help us transcribe Lucille Mann's diary to make her work accessible to new readers and researchers! You can help transcribe and read Mann's diary from 1939, too.

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