Waldo L. Schmitt - Report, Greenland Expedition, 1937

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When famed Arctic explorer Robert Bartlett made his first voyage to Greenland in 1898, he was just 23 years old, heading to the North Pole. By the time he was back in Greenland in 1937 (one of dozens of trips he made in his lifetime), he was collecting data and specimens for the Smithsonian Institution alongside US National Museum Assistant Curator Waldo L. Schmitt. This 1937 report documents Bartlett's work for the Smithsonian. The report includes not just information about the exploration and collections, but the trip planning, as well--such as details about the expedition's crew, which institutions were receiving the specimens, and what equipment the Smithsonian lent them for the journey. Get an up-close look at the 1937 Greenland Expedition and help transcribe this report!

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