Pamphlet: Black Americans in the Spanish People's War Against Fascism 1936-1939

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What is so great about pamphlets? Easy to hand out and inexpensive to print and produce, pamphlets allow any group or person, no matter their socio-economic status to share their ideas, thoughts, and opinions with audiences large and small. Pamphlets helped spread the ideas of the founding fathers, as well as the social reform movements in the 1960s. Help us transcribe this object from a collection of pamphlets related to African Americans and their intersections with the Communist Party and radical left groups. This will provide an important window into the longstanding and often overlooked relationships between the political left and African Americans in the 20th century. The pamphlets in this collection cover a variety of topics and include a biography of Angela Davis, writings by Paul Robeson, and prints discussing labor unions, the Black Power movement, and Communist, Socialist and Nationalist politics. Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of the family of Dr. Maurice Jackson and Laura Ginsburg.

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