H. G. Dyar - Bluebook 415-435, 1893-1894

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Have you ever heard of Dyar's Law? It is now a standard biological rule to measure the development of moths and butterflies--named after entomologist Harrison G. Dyar. Before there was a Dyar's Law, however, there was Dyar's field research! Explore this set of personal notes detailing Dyar's work in 1893-94 through New Jersey, New Mexico, Washington, and New York and help other volunteers transcribe this important scientific text. We are transcribing Dyar's field notes as part of #DigIntoDyar. To cap our event, Smithsonian Libraries will host a behind-the-scenes Google Hangout with Marc Epstein; he'll discuss Dyar's work, life, and legacy on May 17 at 2:30 pm ET (UTC-5). Join us online to learn more.

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