H. G. Dyar - Bluebook 436-450, 1893-1894

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What do the mosquito Dixa dyari, the moth Euleucophaeus dyari, and nearly 70 other insect species have in common? Their name is a tribute to the same scientist--Smithsonian entomologist Harrison G. Dyar. Dyar devoted his life to taxonomy, and classified 3,000 new species of butterflies and moths, and hundreds of mosquitoes, in his career. This field book documents his research from 1893-94 in New York and Montana. We are transcribing Dyar's field notes as part of #DigIntoDyar. To cap our event, Smithsonian Libraries will host a behind-the-scenes Google Hangout with Marc Epstein; he'll discuss Dyar's work, life, and legacy on May 17 at 2:30 pm ET (UTC-5). Join us online to learn more. Dig into Dyar's research and help transcribe this fascinating field book!

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