H. G. Dyar, Bluebook 474-491, 1894-1897

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During the turn of the Twentieth Century, entomologist Harrison Dyar was well known as a curator for the Smithsonian's US National Museum. By 1917, his scandalous personal life had made him the talk of Washington D.C.. Before all the gossip, however, was always Dyar's tireless entomology work. This collection of 1890s New York specimen notes were taken after he completed both his MA and PhD at Columbia University. You can join other digital volunteers in transcribing Dyar's field notes and make them newly accessible for present-day researchers. We are transcribing Dyar's field notes as part of #DigIntoDyar. To cap our event, Smithsonian Libraries will host a behind-the-scenes Google Hangout with Marc Epstein; he'll discuss Dyar's work, life, and legacy on May 17 at 2:30 pm ET (UTC-5). Join us online to learn more.

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