Mariotte Edme Manuscript: A Treatise of the motion of water and other fluid bodyes

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Likely an independent translation of Mariotte’s Traité du mouvement des eaux et des autres corps fluids, whose wording consistently differs from the known and published English translation. According to the secondary literature on this work, its first English translation was published in 1718. When the Dibner Library acquired this work from Bern Dibner, the annotated catalog described a box spine label with the date 1690 affixed. If the dating of this manuscript is correct, it predates the known 1718 translation but never appeared in print. This is the only known copy. Judging by the watermarks, this book may have been written in France in the 17th century. Written in a tiny hand, this manuscript faithfully translates not only Mariotte’s text but also copies the accompanying illustrations.

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