Jacques Seligmann & Co. Records, New York Office Correspondence: Bo-Bu, 1920-1923

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Jacques Seligmann & Co. Records are one of the richest resources for provenance research at the Archives of American Art. Jacques Seligmann & Co. were international art galleries in New York City and Paris, France, founded in 1880 and closed in 1978. The history of the Jacques Seligmann & Co. New York Office, established in 1904, is well documented in these letters. This project contains letters from the following correspondents: Bobb, Rita H. Bodker, Albert J. Borchard, Mrs. Samuel Borchard, Samuel Bosworth, W. W. Boyer, Florence H. Bradley, Edson Breeland, Mrs. James Brentano's Brisbane, Arthur Brissac Owen, Mr. and Mrs. William de (see de Brissac Owen, Mr. and Mrs. William) British Passport Control Office Brokaw, Howard C. Brooklyn Museum Bryant, Miss Harriet C. Buckingham, Kate S. Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, Albright Art Gallery Bunn, Henry W.

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