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these initial steps.

Even though all types of business obey the same fundamental rules, the Art business is a verydelicate one indeed and the best proof is that while there are a great many little people who dabble in the art business, there are very few important and responsible firms. It is my hope that His Serene Highness has recognized our feeling of responsibility towards his interests. 

If I take up so much of your time with so lengthy a letter, it is first of all to call to your attention the many intricacies which are inherent in the conduct of these affairs, and secondly to allow you to have a clear view of the situation in which His Highness would find himself if, on July first, the works of Art at present in our custody were to be turned over to another firm or firms.

Let me conclude by saying that from our viewpoint, even though the financial remuneration does have its definite attraction- (we [[underline]]are[[/underline]] business people)- it would not compensate us for our disappointment were our contract to cease, for the feeling we would then have that we had not lived up to the expectations of His Highness and of yourself.

Sincerely yours,
John J. Cunningham

Monsieur J.-M. Rottier
J. v. Oldenbarneveltlaan 35,
The Hague, Netherlands.
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