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7, Rue de Castiglione

Saturday November 7 1959

Dear Germain:

Be prepared for the worst as this is the Hotel machine and the keyboard like an African jungle to me.

Many thanks for your thoughtful letter with it's kind wishes which are reciprocated.  I will try to answer your suggestions and questions..... more the latter.

In August I wrote a letter to the Conde de Salinas in re the matters about which he was in such haste and at the same time sent a pleasant book in his care to his mother, the Duquesa de Lecera, in recognition of her hospitality and of course, with the ulterior thought of extracting a response from him.  NO SOAP, as the youngers say, and with this dying effort, I feel that I am through wasting my blandishments on Castilian[[^s]]. Anyway, if my memory is not playing tricks on me, almost your last words to me were that you were through forever with Spanish paintings.

As for the Mqse du Lueart, I feel sure there would be nothing sold that could possibly interest you, for the good reason that the treasures were in the family of the wife of Louis.  I think we saw everything they have and nothing you would consider could be wrenched away fro,m them.  As for Marquet de Vasselot;I could drop in, but without optimism.

There [[underlined]] was [[/underlined]] an Ellesmere sale some few years ago and if I get to London, I shall make enquiries.  It is my guess, based on general knowledge of their methods, that the Metropolitan Museum bought the picture  a goodly time ago and announced the acquisition to suit the occasion.  However, both Redmond and Rousseau have been over here in the last couple months.

I had a pleasant chat with Dr Gustav Wilhelm a few days ago. [[^"]]Nothing for sale [[underlined]] at this time [[/underlined]], [[^"]] said he.  I mentioned sympathetically the Ottawa debacle and he said, with what sounded like a chuckle,"The Canadians have no dollars for export just now".  I pressed on sculpture and he repeated ^[[^N.F.S.-->]] his phrase.  I then said what about those Greek and Roman pieces of your friend....and to my astonishment; he seemed to catch fire and said...^[["]]OH YES....the owner is at present in Rome but will be passing her in a short time and I will write you the present situation.^[["]]  Then he ^[[underlined]] added [[/underlined]] I will be AFRAID (German for glad, I guess) to hear from you Mr Cunningham". Well
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