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possibly he needs a little money.  Anyway I gave him my present address and we can anticipate for a while, though I felt that he was genuinely anxious to communicate.  One can tell the difference in the way Wilhelm responds.

Suida's demise must throw panic into the Kress crowd.  Not to mention many others.  I do not recall that you were ever one of his greatest admirers.

I hope your weather is better than supplied hereabouts for I haven't seen the sun in so long I've forgotten what it's like. I few jet to London in five hours & 34 mins.  Breaking the world record of 5 hrs 40 Min.  I do not seem to be affecred by "becoming a part of history" as the Captain announced over the loud speaker to the passengers. I did want some sleep though.  Besides we made to starts before breaking the record, returning to Idlewild after an hour's flight and after dumping 17,000 gallons of gasoline (70,000 pounds) in the ocean so that we could land.  Flying is not all skittles is it?*

All the best Germaine and will be seeing you soon.

Sincerely yours
[[signed]] John [[/signed]]

* Something just a little bit wrong with one of the engines, said the apologies of course....nor explanations.  And surprisingly, even, NO PANIC....just annoyance indicated by a few of the passengers.  We are becoming blasé!
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