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[[letterhead]] REGENT 7-9880
NEW YORK 21, NEW YORKS[[/letterhead]]

Thursday evening,
June 25th., 1959.

Dear Germain:

Thank you very much for your comprehensive note of 22d, which I have read with interest.....and considerable astonishment.  I am assuming that the conference of which you write, was at the office of Porter and Porter, and that you met in person Mr. Bernachina.  I had heard an oblique reference to a certain man, former Consul of Panama but retired and involved in some way which could have been construed as "liaison" between, for instance, the Count of Paris and P. & P. (The trail leading back to Mme. Leboeuf is almost too coincidental to be believed, but it proves that anything can happen, even the incredible.) ***Naturally, I share your hope that the strange set-up may not be totally a racket, and that it may yield one or two pictures somehow.  Having written P. & P. that you would communicate  I must now be prepared to speak frankly with my sources, Miss Pick and Mr. Doll who having given me so much latitude, will have to face such disillusionment as may arise from our investigation of THEIR sources.  While I am convinced of [[underlined]] their [[/underlined]] innocence,I am equally convinced that Mr. Porter to whom my letter of introduction would have lead me, is definitely involved.  The reference to "protection" (by me) of their commissions indicates a prior arrangement between them.  I await your full story with impatience.

I am sorry that my sub-Ducal friend, Conde de Salinas, has lost the fine frenzy which imbued his letter to me.  You will probably be in mid-air when his material arrives (say I hopefully) and the Ritz will have to forward it....when and IF[[^!]]

After the Sotheby Sale results, incomprehensible as they are, it is not going to be easy to persuade the Trustees that a private sale or sale-on-consignment, will yield more for the Treasury than auction.  I hate to admit that they showed extraordinary prescience and good judgement.  I'm sure no one is more astounded than they themselves.

Thank you very much for your solicitude for my family's health and I shall communicate it to them.  Actually, we are outside the city far enough to have good country air, fairly untinged with carbon monoxide.  And we can escape by car to the mountains, Lake George or to Vermont's slightly-travelled roads, unlettered and un-sign-bordered.  Vermont is probably a dull State to be immured in for life, but in Summer the ECOLOGY is well nigh perfectly balanced.

I hope that the Paris June Heat is not too devastating, and that you will return soon, with your health unimpaired and yourself ready for that well earned holiday.  I look forward with pleasant anticipation to seeing you and hearing the various new items.

All the best, Germain,
Germain Seligman, Esq.
Hotel Ritz, Paris


***Where does [[underlined]] SEMCESEN [[/underlined]] fit in?
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