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the post of guard of honor to Lafayette during his entrance and residence in this city in 1825. They would like to know if it would be possible to procure a copy of this Washington portrait woven in silk by the Jacquard loom. If it be obtainable will you kindly indicate the dimensions of the portrait and the price ? The company desires to know also if they can procure a similar portra it of Lafayette and at what price ?

Please accept, gentlemen, the assurance of my highest consideration.

Wm. A. Courtenay.

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Lyons, France, May 15, 1876.
Capt. Wm. A. Courtenay, Charleston, S.C.:  Your letter of April the 17th was duly received by me in the position of liquidator ofnthe old firm of Pouson, Philippe & Vibert.

There is no purchasable copy of Washington's portrait woven in silk, and consequently it would be impossible to procure on at any price, unless the loom be set up anew. To warrant this an order of at least two hundred portraits would be necessary - the expense of setting up the machinery could not be undertaken for less. In other words, sir, it is in fact an impossibility.

I have in my possession one copy, which I had intended to keep and leave to my son, my only child ; but, after consulting him, we agreed that it would be better to give this portrait into the keeping of an organized body, where it would be sacredly preserved to posterity.

My and I would be deeply indebted if your military corps would receive this portrait from us. We beg that the acceptance of this gift be considered as a token of gratitude on our part for the welcome given by your city in 1825 to our illustrious compatriot, Lafayette, of sainted memory.

If you will kindly inform me as to the best way in which to have the portrait sent you I will forward it at once.

I would beg you also to assure M. le Consel de France in your city that I was greatly honored by the postscript which he added to your letter.

Will you accept, sir, the expression of my most distinguished sentiments.

V. Philippe,
Ancien apocii et Liquidateur du Commerce, Pouson, Philippe et Vibert, Place du Penitents de la Croix, No. 2 and 4.

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