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A wide selection of French books, magazine and newspapers are available to the public in the reading room of the French Embassy Cultural Division - 934 Fifth Avenue, and at the Library of the French Institute - 22 East 60th Street.  French bookstores are listed in our pamphlet FRANCE IN NEW YORK which is available upon request.

Among the recent books received in the library of the French Embassy Cultural Division during the last month, the following are noteworthy:

[[underlined]]Marcel Arland[[/underlined]] - La Prose française (Stock)
[[underlined]]Balzac[[/underlined]] - Correspondance avec Zulma Carraud (N.R.F.)
[[underlined]]Paul Eluard[[/underlined]] - Anthologie Vivante de la Poésie du Passé (Pierre Seghers)
[[underlined]]Henri Peyre[[/underlined]] - Pensées de Baudelaire (Corti)
[[underlined]]Jacques Prévert[[/underlined]] - Spectacle (Le Point du Jour)
[[underlined]]A. Vialatte[[/underlined]] - Les Fruits du Congo (N.R.F.)
[[underlined]]Valéry Larbaud[[/underlined]] - Ce vice impuni, la Lecture (N.R.F.)
[[underlined]]J. Supervielle[[/underlined]] - Boire à la Source (N.R.F.)

[[underlined]]Réne Clair[[/underlined]] - Réflexion Faite (Notes pour servir à l'histoire de l'art cinématographique)  (N.R.F.)
[[underlined]]Germain Bazin[[/underlined]] - Corot (Pierre Tisné)

[[underlined]]History and Political Science:[[/underlined]] La France Economique de 1948 à 1950 (Recueil Sirey)
[[underlined]]J. Bertaut[[/underlined]] - Paris à travers les âges (Hachette)
[[underlined]]A. Dansette[[/underlined]] - Histoire religieuse de la France contemporaine (Flammarion)
[[underlined]]Ph. Erlanger[[/underlined]] - George Villiers, Duc de Buckingham (Gallimard)
[[underlined]]Simone Weil[[/underlined]] - La Condition Ouvrière (N.R.F.)

[[underlined]]Christmas Books for Children: Fables de la Fontaine[[/underlined]] (illustrées par Jacques Ferrand)(Mme).
[[underlined]]Daniel Defoe[[/underlined]] - Robinson Crusoe (illustré  par Jacques Ferrand)(Mme)

Chosen from a wide selection of magazine also available to the public, are the following articles:

[[underlined]]Hommes et Mondes[[/underlined]] - (November) an article by Lucien Bodard on the visit of General Delattre de Tassigny in the United States.

[[underlined]]La Revue de Paris[[/underlined]] - (November) interesting articles by Jules Romains, Fernand Gregh (Barrès et Proust), Henri de Montbas (Les Encyclopédistes et la Révolution)

[[underlined]]Plaisir de France[[/underlined]] - the October issue is devoted to Canada.  Especially to be noted is the story on the reconstruction of Ottawa by the French architect François Gréber.

[[underlined]]France Illustration[[/underlined]] - Special issue on child education and psychology.)November)

[[underlined]]Cahiers Pédagogiques[[/underlined]] - Special issue dealing with the teaching of modern languages in France.

A considerable number of interesting publications and records can also be obtained at the American Association of Teachers of French.  They are listed in the A.A.T.F. monthly bulletin.  Director: Mr. Armand Bégué, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn 10, New York.

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